Wednesday, May 30, 2012

High's To Low's.....

I started the day reading about my buddy Bruce, he's up in Pennsylvania racing the Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race. This is one of my bucket list items I would like to get to one day.

He did it last year and really did well. This year he is even stronger and really riding well. He has a blog also and is keeping it up to date. check it out if ya have time.

my man Bruce....
Of course I can't mention Bruce without pointing out the fact that I USED TOO be able to beat him...LOL I have no chance in hell of out running him now but 3 years ago I could. Oh well I guess that's my claim to fame.

The funny part is I remember the exact race and the exact spot he passed me for the first time, and beat me. I honestly remember seeing him at the race and thinking "I got him" ...Ha, he hasn't looked back yet, I haven't been able to keep up with him since!

Anyhow he's a great guy and deserves it! I hope he does well this week and comes home with a big trophy and a bag full of swag. Go Bruce!!!!!

Now for the low of the day. I heard about this yesterday, a pedestrian was hit and killed on Sharon Rd in Charlotte. Today I read the paper and found out it was a kid from Myers Park High School. Andrew Wright.

He missed the bus and was riding his bike to school.....I honestly don't know what else to say..To the Wright's I am sorry for your loss...

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