Monday, May 21, 2012

I Needed a Day At Work.............

That's a good weekend when you need work to relax! It came and then it went, the weekend. Plus if we stay busy this week it will be over and then I get 3 days of play.

Memorial day is coming! We "kinda" have plans to go camping over in Southern Pines, but it's not nailed down yet. If I keep my mouth shut we could probably end up staying home. Chase has his birthday Thursday so I know he will want to go somewhere with his buddies.

He would rather stay home I know that. So that's one vote. We'll see.

So why am I tired you ask? Saturday AM Cody worked on the shed, the one he is changing into a chicken house. He seems to think he is gonna raise a bunch of egg layers. If he cleaned his room this good it would be spotless.

He even got up early am Saturday to take a load of trash to the dump. I didn't even think he knew where the dump was! Then he was back at it. Now he needs wire and a couple more 2x4's to finish making lay boxes and he will have it done.

While he was working on that I took off on the road bike. Karen wanted to get a new pair of shoes for the wedding we were going to Saturday night so I had plenty of time to ride. So with no direction in mind I went out the end of the drive and headed toward Matthews.

Why I don't really know, I thought about riding to the bike shop but didn't really plan on going there. So I tried an alternate route to work. Sometimes I will ride to work and I have only went one way. I wanted to see if the other was any shorter. NOT..

It was about 3 miles longer. Mental note, if you already have to ride 17 miles at 6am you don't want to make it 20!

where I work all locked up for the weekend....
So I rode all the way to work turned around and came home. Total 38 miles. I usually start riding back and forth after Memorial Day. So next week I will start.

So then it was a quick nap and time to get ready for a wedding. My friend Larry whom I have worked with for the better part of 20 years, his daughter was getting married.

I remember when she was born! Now she is out of college and married! I must be getting old. They had it at the Daniel Stowe Memorial Gardens. For an outdoor wedding it was perfect weather. Not to hot or humid and the sun was shinning.

Then they had the reception right there. Live band and an open bar, fantastic food, it was a great time! If you didn't have fun at this wedding it was your own fault! I usually hate going to these but this one was a blast!

Followed by a mountain bike ride Sunday and my weekend was complete!

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