Friday, May 18, 2012

Should I go ??? Or Not.......

Last night I stood in the garage for about an hour plus piddling around asking myself that question. Do I go or not!

It looked like it could rain at any minute! So knowing day light was fading fast I got out the zip-lock bags to protect the phone and hit the road.

I stayed close to my area in case it changed but the rain held off and I got 25 short miles in.

Even staying close to the house I got to see plenty of the fields.

The only thing I came across out of the ordinary would be a bounce house set up in someones driveway on a Thursday night... Seemed out of place to me.

One last thing, checkout Stanley our pet turkey he is getting big! He was hanging out with me while I was trying to decide if I was gonna go or not. He didn't seem to interested though.

Tomorrow am I am gonna hit the road early. No plans just a ride. I might head down to SC, haven't done that in a while.

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