Thursday, March 8, 2012

That Hurt............

With being sick last week and the weather, I got off my routine of riding 3-4 times a week. You wouldn't think a week off would hurt your fitness that much.

Guess what it does!

I went out Sunday and the wind was so strong I just took it easy and did a short low gear ride. I still did 20 miles and 10 of them with the wind in my face. It hurt, but I figured it was still worth it.

I got off the couch and spent the day out in the sunshine so how can you not enjoy that!

This week I had plans for Monday but it didn't workout, Tuesday came and went, nothing! Yesterday came and I hit the woods!

I did a lap at Sherman. It started with a flat tire in the parking lot, then I went in the woods and not far into the lap I decided it would be an easy one. Wrong!!!

Halfway through the Roller Coaster I caught a glimpse of a guy just a few turns away! Game on! I had to chase him down! So I finally catch him and he pulls over and says "you caught me go ahead" sure I say.

Thinking he will drop off and I can ease up. NOT, next thing I know he comes back up behind me, he caught his second wind! Dammit....

So from then on we killed it, or should I say "we killed me"....

It was hammer down, the whole time I am thinking, "what the hell" all I wanted to do was ride an easy lap! Fun, yes I had a great ride! My legs are killing me but it was worth it!

I might get out tonight for a night ride, I keep hearing rumors the rain is coming again so I better go if I plan on getting back up to speed... Maybe the wind will be down this weekend I got the urge to ride the road bike if I can........

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