Friday, March 9, 2012

The Way It Should Be,,,,Maybe........

OK, so you have heard me whine about my new 29er for a while now. Well I still have it!

No I haven't sold it, I keep thinking I can keep it and at least look at it right!

In my little pee brain I figure if I keep riding it I will just get faster on the 26in. Meh' that might be true, it might not, Probably it's not true. But I feel like I work harder on it so I still ride it, (a little)....

Well last night I headed to the woods for a night ride and it was perfect!

One of those rides when everything is spot on! The weather was perfect, trail was perfect! I was in that groove, the hills were no problem and I was killing it!!

Does this mean I finally figured out how to ride the 29er, I hope!

I plan to do some more investigative work this weekend, maybe I figured it out maybe I haven't. But I am gonna ride all weekend and see what happens.

Of course I let the weekend slip up on me and have made no plans, Kelly is still out west so he ain't around, he usually lines up the rides so I ain't sure what everybody else is doing. But I plan on finding out....

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