Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Food For Thought.................

As a kid growing up, I used to flu to Kansas every year. I went out to see my grand parents for 2-3 weeks. I loved it my brother never really liked to be gone that long but he did it anyway.

So I was reading an article on Yahoo today from an airline stewardess, stories from 35,000 feet. In the comment section someone made mention of flying as a child.

How they would get the kid bag once the plane was in the air, I remember that!

Man I used to be like the king of the neighborhood!!!! I had those little wings you clip to your shirt!

We would play and everybody got to wear a pair! I had like 20 of them, I was the man!

I have no ideal where they are now, but I swear I came across a pair a few years ago. Made me smile!

We used to get to go up front and sit in the pilot seat and checkout the cockpit! I still remember that! One year when I flew out there by myself I got to sit in the cabin in the corner, the jump seat, for the whole flight!

Now when you get on a plane the door to the cockpit is already locked and shut up tight. Kids don't get the special treatment they used to. As a kid growing up at that period of time, it was great!!!!!!!

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