Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ride Da Bicycle.............

Yep, got out of bed, no plan-and then got home from work, plan came together!

I love it when a plan comes together!

I was gonna reduce my self to the walking crowd level, matter of fact I had already planned to do it.

As much as I hate to walk and think it's a total waste of time, I still do it. Why, because that's what the wife "will" do! If she wants to do that then I guess I will join in and act like it's cool. I am just glad we live in the country, none of my buddies are gonna ride by and yell shit at me....

So much to my surprise, she says "just go ride the bike I am tired", "we can walk tomorrow".

BAM !!!!!

No argument here, I can take a hint!

I can load a bicycle and the car faster than anybody on this planet when I need too! Water bottle? That seems to be an option when time is pressing.

Every time I am in a hurry that seems to be the one item I forget! No problem, I just get the cleanest one out of the back of the truck. No mold, no worries!!!

I went to Beatty and rode till dark!

Plan came together.....Ride Da Bicycle.....

So now I have been on the bike everyday since Friday! Except for hiking Sunday. But hiking is "cool", it sounds better when you say "we went hiking". If you told people "we went walking in the woods" you sound like a lazy ass! Besides, in the woods you are going up and down and over shit! That's cool.....

Yes my legs are tired!! Today will defiantly be a walking day...Wave when ya see me!!!!!

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