Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh No !!!!!!!!!!

Yep I found my downfall.......

Not good.......

I love ice cream! With that being said I could eat it for 4-5 meals a day! I would weight 500 pounds, but damn it would be good!!!

My wife found this place and now I am addicted! Had to go last night! That's twice in one week!

Where you ask? Sweet Frog....Frozen yogurt!

I know your wondering why this place is the bomb, the reason..

Toppings bar! They have at least 75 items and 10 different types of caramel and raspberry and fudge to put on the top!

You pay by the ounce.. Thirty nine cents for an ounce! What a deal!!!!!!!!!!

Glad I brought the bike, going to Sherman after work...............

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