Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gettin Outta Bed In the AM.........

When I get up in the morning I am already thinking about what am I going to do today!

Yea I know I have to go to work, all that crap is just part of living. I am thinking about exercise! My goal is to do something everyday!

Yesterday I was really sore from the hiking Sunday, so I though I would just take an easy day. Well I got home and couldn't stand it, out the door I went!

30min. later I was at Beatty and did a nice quick 2 lap ride, helped with the soreness. Sometimes when I am really sore a ride to loosen me up is in order. Yesterday was a perfect example! It was a short ride but that was all I needed!

Then I came home, made some fried baloney and all was well in my little world!

Now it's raining, although it should be gone shortly. But I am gonna come up with a plan before the day is over! Bet your ass on that!!

One last thing, the other day I was on the way to go ride and my truck hit a milestone!

Yep, we turned over the hundred thousand mark! Now we are going for 2, it's paid for and only 5 years old, last thing I plan on doing is trading it!!

Also we had the dirt bike drag races last night. Cody and Grayson were having a ball in the field. From one end to the other as fast as they could go! Cody rode the 65 and Grayson was on his 85, you would be surprised how close they are to each other speed wise!

the boys
Grayson has an i-phone with GPS, guess how fast the 250 (my bike) will go? 77mph, that's right she will haul ass!!!!!
my bike........

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