Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Projects ................

I seem to end up with a bunch of no paying "Projects" . My latest one, my wife brought home ! Thanks dear !

A guy she works with bought a KHS in 97' while he was in the Air Force , in Anchorage AK . So for sentimental reasons he wanted to get it rolling again .

So when he brought it over and I looked at it the first time I was kinda like , "well the forks locked up and you need brakes , a chain , a few cable housings and cables , don't see any pedals". Probably be about $70 for parts and we will have to check E-bay for a fork . The fork will probably be $150 or so .

So he thought about it and said "can I ride it around the neighborhood without the fork working" ? Yea , of course . So he decided to spend the $70 .

Last night I took about 2 hours and fixed everything , parts total $65 . Right on my estimate , and I stole a pair of pedals of a bike we had in the shed . I was going to throw it away anyway !

rusty cassette and chain

clean cassette new chain no spoke guard

old brakes

new brakes
new front brakes

finished project

r&r bicycle and fitness store Anchorage AK
Cleaned the cassette and removed the spoke guard . New brakes and tubes . Gave everything a little grease and a couple of cables . Adjusted the shifters and put on the pedals. Then it was test ride time ! I rode it around for half an hour and called it a success !!!!!

I believe this would be the first bicycle I have worked on from Alaska . Why do I fix other peoples junk you ask ? It sure ain't for the money . I haven't figured out yet how to charge them for my labor . Most of the stuff that comes through my garage is a case of  "if I don't fix it then it goes back in the corner of someones shed" type deals" !

Being the type of person who cannot understand why everybody doesn't love bicycles as much as I do . I feel like I am the last chance for these bikes to see the light of day again ! If I don't fix them the next stop will be the dump !

Even an old bike can still be fun ! Just like an old boat , if it gets ya off the bank , your in business !

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