Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Next Project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I start my next "save a bike project". I have a 97' Fuji Ace that is about to get a new home . If I ever get to open a bike shop I think that will be the name " Save a Bike-Bike Shop ". Hell I might just put a sign over the garage door now !

Yea this is the same bike Cody redid for his school project last year . All it needs is new tires and tubes , a few adjustments and it will be good to go . He did all the work last year so my job will be easy .

I might check behind him here and there just to make sure he put grease on the important stuff . But besides that it will get rolling this weekend !

So night before last spring started . Over night it seems like everything turned green . Just like that the pollen started coming down !

Last night I went and rode at Sherman and by the time I finished one lap my eyes where swollen shut ! I stopped at the store for my usual Gatorade and even had one lady ask my if I was alright ! It would have made me laugh but my eyes where hurting to much .

My blue truck turned green sitting here at work yesterday ! If I can make it for another week I will make it all summer ! Tonight we have to get the kids to church , then I will see what time it is and go from there .

I hope to get a ride in , might be the road bike but one way or the other I am going to get out .

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