Friday, March 30, 2012

One More Thing ..............

I didn't want to talk about this until I had the pictures to put with it ! Last night as I was riding my road bike I came upon a wreck . Now this wasn't a regular wreck with 2 cars and somebody did something stupid !

This was a 1 car wreck and 1 dumb ass did something stupid !

First let me explain something to you , I always ride with my small camera ! I never leave it at home ! Well last night as I was about to leave I saw it laying there and thought I am just gonna ride around here I won't see anything worth taking a shot of . WRONG....

So I had to take these shots with my cell phone , then I had to send them to a buddy of mine who emailed them to me . Alot of trouble but it was worth it....Check this out !!

I am pedalling down the rode and come over a hill and see a car in the ditch  I am thinking what the hell ! Then when I get closer I realize ,  it ain't just a car , it's a show car.

This poor guy had taken his "show car" out for a spin and then when he had gotten almost home he decided to light up the tires!

That's where his day was ruined! He lost control of it and wrapped it around a tree in his own front yard!!!

what I see first when pulling up.....

the good side

the side that you know made him cry!!!!!!!
Of all places! Right in front of his house!!!!

When I pulled up he had just gotten out of the car and was standing there, I asked him if he was alright and he looked at me and nodded...Never said a word and went in the house!!!!!!!

I felt kinda bad taking pictures and nobody was hurt so I left......

You don't see that everyday..................

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