Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 3 .............

Not that I am counting but we are on day 3. Cody has been a licensed driver now for 3 days.

Yesterday , about 4 I decided to call him and make sure he went home , he did and left ! All of a sudden he is willing to take his brother anywhere he wants to go ! Wonder how long that will last !

It won't be long before you know he won't want to take him every where , right now it's still new . LOL

Well I never heard back from the bike rider coming through so I guess he is staying somewhere else . Maybe next time we might have a visitor .

I have inventory here at work today (Friday) and tomorrow morning . Twice a year I have to work half a day on Saturday and this is one of the times. Oh well , I guess it could be worse !

Last but not least I plan to ride this weekend I already have a route planned . I am on a rode bike kick right now , I go through spells . Right now I just don't feel like riding the mtn bike. I want miles !

I went out for 33 last night and really felt good . I plan on 50 tomorrow and 50 Sunday . I haven't had a hundred mile weekend in awhile. Should be fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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