Thursday, March 22, 2012

Knocked Off The Dust ...........

We'll get to my latest "save a bike project" tomorrow . Today we gonna talk about my road ride last night ! I got home and it being the end of the week , I am low on gas , so the road it was !

Plus I just didn't feel like driving anywhere . I had to pump up the tires and hit the chain with the lube and we where ready !

I go through spells where I will ride just the mtn bike for extended periods of time and won't touch the road bike . Last night the weather was just to nice to hide in the woods , I was gone for about 30 miles and almost 2 hours . I took my time and enjoyed the scenery , you forget how much ground you can cover on a road bike !

You get used to rolling along at about 10mph in the woods and then get on the road and everything starts rolling by at 20mph , big difference ! I think I will hit it again tonight . I have been going down to Rock Rest School and going from there lately , so going from the house it felt like I was riding all new roads , even though I wasn't !

You tend to forget what is around the house when you haven't ridin around there lately . I used to ride the area so much I got kinda burned out . It was nice to see the sites again ! Tonight I plan to head the back way to Wingate and then on to Marshville , from there I will work back around to 5-points and then down Olive Branch . That should be good for 30 miles .


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