Friday, March 2, 2012

Never Been This Happy !!!!!!!!!

To go back to work! Literally I am glad to be "able" to come to work. I made the mistake of saying how I only get sick once or twice a year, since that comment I have been sick at least once a month!

What the hell!

This sucks! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! Every time I feel like I am starting to get back up to speed I come crashing right back down!

Training, meh! I am about to give up on "training", I will settle for just riding at this point!

This weekend starts the Southern Classic Series and I really wanted to do it this year, at this point it ain't happening! That Sucks!

First off, I have been sick as a dog and lost 8 pounds this week, good yes bad yes! Along with that 8 pounds goes all the power with it. Not a good way to lose weight!

Second, for what the entry fees have sored to anymore if I have no chance at the top 5 I sure as hell ain't gonna spend that kinda money to ride in the back!

Third, well the first two cover it..

So this weekend looks like a trip to Uhwarrie or Cheraw will be in order. The weather looks like it will make all the local trails unrideable. Of the two options, and the current state of my recovery from the weeks events, being sick! It looks like I will take the easier of the two, Cheraw will be my pain of choice....

Pedal hard and have a nice weekend... One last bit of advice, watch who you hug!!!!! The crud is going around!!!!!!!!!

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