Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Thought I was Crazy............

I might just be normal! Granted yesterday I felt so bad I didn't do much but stare at the back of my eye lids, for hours on end! Today has been a little better!

I haven't slept as much but I have been watching TV. As I said "I Thought I was Crazy"...

Have you seen the new TV show Preppers! It's on National Geographic.. These people are nuts!

I might have 20 bicycles in the garage but there's nothing to wierd about that. These people are just plain nuts!!

They spend all their time getting ready for the end of civialation! They are prepairing for things like no oil no power, earthquakes! All kinda crazy stuff!

Granted you should have a "plan" especially here in the Carolinas. We do have a lot of hurricanes here and if you remember Hugo, you remember what "can" happen. "Can" being the key word. Yea we went without power for a week and it sucked but it wasn't the end of the world.

You know what, everyone of these people have a plan "to bug out", that means get out of town. Learned that today! But none of them are planning on using a bicycle! Idiots! They all plan on walking or "holing up", that means stay put till things calm down.

Why not use a bicycle?

You can only carry so much stuff if you are walking. If you are going on a bike you could carry more "supplies".

this is someone's garage idiot garages are for bikes

this guy is gonna hide in the ground

this guy only looks like he lives at the dump this is a fortress...NOT...
OK, I have to get back to work! Before I end up at Cosco, they sent out the weekly flier today! I found it when I walked to the mailbox. I have the strange urge to go buy a truck full of bottle water.....Or dig a hole.. 

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