Friday, March 23, 2012

Different 2 Wheels .....................

And no pictures ! I have gotten bad about that lately . I plan to take pics. for the blog and then get caught up in what I am doing and don't take any pictures ! Last night I came home and Cody was in the garage working on his dirt bike and I jumped in and helped.

The bike has a titanium exhaust pipe on it and it had cracked . He got Brian up at the trucking company to weld it back together for him and then we had to repack the muffler . Most people would not like living next to a trucking company but I love it !

I need something done they can do it ! When I say we live next door , there is a field about a 100 yards wide between us and the shop so it's not like we are on top of it !

But anyhow back to the muffler , I can weld but I ain't no welder ! So seeing the work Brian did , I sure can appreciate what he can do ! That muffler would be $185 to replace and he saved it .

We repacked the fiberglass and pop riveted it back together and it's as good as new ! Cody was burning the field up last night !

I got a feeling we are gonna have a ride before long . Chase wants to go and Cody is starting to talk about it . As for me , it's got 2 wheels..........

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