Monday, March 12, 2012

Plans Change..........

At least they changed yesterday! We got out of church and the wife decides she wants to go hiking! After I gave her a funny look I said sure!

She does good with the walking at the house and I am always trying to get her to go hiking, most of the time she just doesn't seem interested. So when she pipes up and wants to go, I can change the plans!

Off to Morrow Mtn. State Park! 45 miles from the house and you are in the Uhwarrie-Morrow Mtn area. We parked at the top and hiked for 2 and half hours! I was proud of her! She hung in there and did great!

Sore, oh yea, she is paying for it today! But if I can get her out and started hiking she will get used to it.

Right now the trees still haven't started blooming yet so the views where great! With the weather finally warming up it won't be long before the views will be gone. You will still be able to see from the overlooks but from the trail it will be limited.

yes it's steep!!!!!

see lake tillery down there...

going up......

another sweet view, once the trees bloom you won't see this till fall

going down............
You know, around here we have so many options to get out of the house and into the outdoors it's really neat! If you spend a lot of time in front of the TV you are really wasting a lot of opportunities. We were gone for the whole afternoon and if we hadn't stopped at the store on the way home we wouldn't have spent a dime!!!!! 

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