Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Now It's Tuesday............

Every once in a while I talk about my buddy, the one who gets to go on the great rides around the country!

Well he's at it again! Of course I got the standard "wish you were here picture"!

He doesn't mean it, he just likes to rub it in! Crack head!!!!!!

kellybone at it again!!!!!
The latest and greatest trip, Moab UT. That's right THE "Moab". 

Clarification for my non mountain bike rider readers. This place is like in the top 5 for must ride locations before your wife gets mad a takes your bike away! If you are going to risk a divorce and book a trip across country for you and your buddies, this is "THE PLACE".....

So hear I sit, at work! While my "buddy" gets to ride a top 5 trail! I get the privilege of a few crappy pictures.........


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