Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fast Times On Baucom Deese ..............

First off , with all that's going on this week (Cody getting his license mainly) the week has flown by . It seems like I was avoiding Wednesday because of that reason , so of course it got here real fast . Then It was the middle of the week and I was off so now it's Thursday and the week may as well be over !

It was really a weird feeling seeing my son drive off for the first time yesterday . Then last night when piped up and said he would just take his brother and head to church !

Of course we knew that was coming but damn it came quick !

Watching both of them drive away was really weird ! Before anybody gets all pissy and starts to tell me about he should drive , and get more experience before he should take his brother can just shut up now !

Cody is doing great , if he wasn't he wouldn't be taking his brother ! Cody was sitting in my lap and driving my tractor trailer around when he was 5 . He can back a trailer better than 99% of adults !

Believe me when I say "he can drive" .

On to the guest . I haven't heard back from him so I am assuming he must have made other arrangements . I was kinda looking forward to having a touring cyclist stop by so I could pick his brain a little bit about what works and what doesn't .

One thing it has done , it has really made me want to do a short trip . I ordered a handlebar bag from a guy the other day so all I need now is front bags and I have no more excuses ! I even have a short trip planned out I just need to do it .....

I want to see how my setup works and what I need to change .

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