Thursday, February 23, 2012

Night Rider.................

That was me last night! On the local club website they have a section to post up for night rides. Every week there is a post for night rides at Beatty, I always look at it and think I might do that this week! But never do!

Well last night I decided to show up. Actually the kids where at church and the wife had a headache, she didn't want to go walk so I took off and went to catch the ride!

I get there and nobody else shows up! I was like "wtf". So I get ready and hit the trails for 2 laps!

Had a great time and enjoyed the ride, the whole time wondering what happened to the group?

This morning I got my answer, I checked the website and apparently everybody bailed at the last moment!

Again "wtf.... The one person who is kinda in charge of this decided since only one other person was coming he decided to just bail.

Again, I never posted up my intentions of coming but damn... Oh well, I will try again next week, maybe the "crowd" will show up!

If not, I will have another good night ride and enjoy the stars myself.. I did see 6 deer last night, that was pretty neat! Oh, I almost ran over peter cotton tail! He acted like he didn't know which way to go!

So anyway I am still on a roll, I have been riding at least 3 nights a week for the last few weeks! Things are good.

One last thing, I don't think I am gonna get the truck. He didn't like my offer......

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