Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday & Traffic Court......

What a way to start the day! My lovely wife managed to get a ticket for her tag being out. She says it's my fault but I tend to disagree!

So anyhow because of this over site we ended up in Union County traffic court this morning! You want to know what lurks in the depths of society spend a Friday morning there.

Very interesting!!!! God knows I wish I could have taken my camera, it was funny.

They are very strict on the phone issue, if they catch you on the phone or even texting they will take your phone for 24 hours!

24 hours! Who came up with that rule? I guess if you end up in traffic court you fall into the school kid category!

I got to see people who came in there with pajamas on and slippers! No, combing your hair is not required for court!

Then we have the tee-shirts......Are you kidding me! I saw shirts with all kinds of stupid shit on them! They might as well have worn a shirt that said "I Am Stupid" with an arrow pointing up!

photo courtesy of google.........
Oh well, if they allowed food and drink I swear I would stop by once and awhile for some cheap entertainment......Have a good weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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