Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Back to Normal.................

I must be! It's already Wednesday and I am thinking about the weekend! Seems like lately the weekend sneaks up on me!

So anyhow as I said I did slide down to Cheraw Sunday, yes it was raining!

A lot, and my wipers suck on the little blue time machine! I have no radio and only one wiper! But I get 30 miles per gallon!!

The biggest plus would be no car payment!! I'll take that all day.. Although I did drive the new truck the other day, that felt like I had hit the lottery

No shame in my game! Most people wouldn't drive a car or truck as old as mine, but to me I like dealing with the little quirks of old junk. And I can work on it too!!

Try that with your brand new "whatever".

So anyhow I had the place to myself and I had a good ride, look forward to going back!

On the way home I decided to go the "back way". You don't find many dirt roads anymore, but if you know where to look you can still find them. I like them!

I crossed the state line on one that runs for 12 miles! Nope I passed not one single vehicle!

Cody and I actually ride this road on our road bikes sometimes. I have been this way before when the dust would be unbearable!!!!!

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