Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Am Such A Rebel..............

That's right, no shame in my game! Hit Sherman last night and did it backwards..

Roller Coaster too! Much to my surprise, and the fact it was dry! I was able to climb all the step short hills on that section too.

Yes I stayed outta the way, right now with all the leaves down you can see someone coming way before you get to them. Nobody seemed to mind, everybody I meet was nice and said hi. Although I made it easy for them, by the time they came by I would be sitting off to the side in the woods..

If you ever get the chance try it sometime! There are only a few sections where you know if you meet someone they will be hauling the mail. Through those sections you defiantly need to slow down and pay attention, besides that it was really neat.

You get a whole new view of the trail.. Enjoy the pictures, see if you can tell where I was.....Yes I rode the long log thing backwards!!! Took 3 times, but I got it.....