Thursday, February 2, 2012


By this time of the week I either run out of things to talk about, or I am tired of talking!

I start "thinking" about what lies ahead.

ie: The weekend!!!!!

Around my house I usually start laying the ground work for what I want to accomplish on the coming weekend. You know "what you thinking about this weekend baby" that kinda water testing.

That way she thinks she is in charge! As long as she thinks that my life seems to work just fine.

Then I plan around the things she has on her mind! The only time that becomes a problem is when she throws me a curve ball and changes the "plan"..

So here's my "plan".. Or want list, which ever applies...

We have a race on March 4th down in Sumter SC. It's the first race of the Southern Classic Series. I raced down there 20 years ago and love the place!

We used to go down there and ride sometimes, I want to go back!

This weekend!!

Will it happen? I don't know..

I might have to actually go to a movie and act like I want to be there, if I pull that off I can make it happen!!

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