Tuesday, February 7, 2012

High Water !!!!!!!!!!!

"Hell or High Water"... Yea I said that.. Last Thursday to be exact...

Somebody pointed that out to me yesterday.. I said that about going down to Manchester State Forest over the weekend!

Well guess what, it didn't happen! That's right, I made a plan and didn't stick to it..

You know why? I drank too much beer Friday night and didn't want to get out of bed that early Saturday. Hell I almost missed out on the ride at Uhwarrie with my buds!

I was late for that!

Point being, "What the hell was I thinking"....

Anyhow, I still got in plenty of riding over the weekend, I just didn't go down south! Dammit!!!!

Oh well, night ride Poplar Tent tonight... Be there, or be square

Check this out! I Googled Poplar Tent under images and I found these shots of the infamous "Mudman"..

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