Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep I got the "Monday Blues"...

Why, because I had a great weekend and drank to much beer for the finish!

Why, I am not quite sure? It just seemed like a good ideal at the time. Now that the time has passed it doesn't seem like such a good ideal...

My head hurts and I had to go to work. Oh well, you would think I had learned by now, but no I haven't. In my case I seem to forget after a few days of sobriety. I bought a case of beer on the way home Friday and didn't even touch it till last night.

No, I didn't drink all of it but I tried! The only bright spot to that little story is the fact that I have beer for next weekend!

At this point it will be the weekend before I feel like having another one.

So anyhow here's a break down of my weekend: Rode both days and my truck broke down........

How's that for a break down, a broke down break down. Man this is some of my best writing ever!!

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