Friday, December 30, 2011


Now that is cool as hell! As you have heard me talk about, one of the things I would really like to do is take a bike tour. That's why I have been taking my time building up my Rocky Mountain bicycle. The same one I have been taking to the store.

I think it would be cool as hell to take a trip and have several days to just ride a bike and not have a "plan".

Just take my time and roll down the road, stop when you want and eat when and where you want! I have a good start on equipment already, and for Christmas Karen got me a thermarest, stove and fuel!

I need a front rack and bigger bags. I have my eyes on the Ortlieb panniers, they are supposed to be the best you can get! That's right "nothing but the best for me!" First class all the way! When the weather gets a little better I plan on doing my first short tour!!

OK, back to the picture! I found this on one of the blogs on . A guy went to this cabin in the Rockies.

His friend, with the help of friends. Carried all the stuff needed to build this all the way to this site BY HAND.. It has heat but no power....

How cool is that!! I would love to spend the weekend up in the woods in my own private cabin! Thought I would share this with you!!!! Point is everybody needs a little down time once in awhile, reminds me of our Outer Banks trip last spring.........

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