Monday, December 19, 2011

Testing Again.................

So I bought the Cannondale and have been trying to ride it and make it work. Well it just ain't happening I have tried and Charles has tried to make it go, I am not quite sure what the problem is . I love the fork and overall it's a fun bike to ride, it just doesn't like to go fast.

So it's gonna be sold and replaced! With what you ask? How about a Felt 26in Edic Pro! Oh yea, Bicycles East let me take one home for the weekend and I have been testing it! So far, all is well! This thing is fast and I swear it rides better than any full squish I have ever ridin!
Uhwarrie in winter mode

You can really haul ass on this thing. Saturday I took it to Uhwarrie and rode 2 laps. By the way all you fair weather riders who sat home all day because it was to wet! Your loss, Uhwarrie was perfect. Back to the bike. At first I thought it was to soft but that's because I have been riding the hard tail so much lately. The Fox float fork and rear shock work perfect together.

The rear end was rolling over stuff without a complaint and you can get so aggressive with the front end I swear it feels like I am riding my RM 250! It has a "tapered control" head tube (never heard of before) and I don't even know what that is supposed to do but I like the front end! When you are centered on the bike and just kinda bounce the bike, both ends react in perfect unison. I know that means the shocks are set up the same, but you don't get that very often on a bike.

That was day 1 with the bike. Day 2 will start shortly!

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