Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Friday,,,,It's Friday,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We all know what I say! It's Friday!!!!!! I work all week just for this day, 2 days of play! It seems as though we are getting screwed if you ask me. We work for 5 days and then end up with 2 days off. Seems like we should get 3 days for every 5 days.

Oh well, might as well enjoy what we have. Saturday the whole crowd is coming. Me, Kelly, Scott, Dane, and Charles. This ought to be fun! I haven't ridin with all of them in a while. Looks like we will only have time for 1 lap, but at least we get one. Charles has a funeral to make so we gonna keep it short.

I think I am gonna come home and ride the road bike afterword. I need to get in some more miles. Then Sunday I am heading to SC. I am gonna put in a long ride! By long I mean about 75 miles. The plan is to park at Rocky River School (south of Monroe) and head down to Mcbee and back. It ought to be a good ride.

Besides that, it will probably be a slow weekend. Karen is home sick today and the kids get out of school for the next 2 weeks. They will be wound up today but back to normal by tomorrow.

Stick with me, I will get pictures this weekend! I know I have been slack about picyures this week.....

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