Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 2 Of Testing...................

I got dropped!!! LOL Like a bad habit!!! That's what I get for riding with the fast kids. Sunday came and I picked up Charles and headed to Sherman Branch. We got there and ran into Chris W, I knew then I was screwed!

So there I am pedaling along and trying to act like I had it under control. Behind me Charles and Chris are riding along talking and laughing like we are on a Sunday social! Oh, wait we "where" on a Sunday social! To be honest they weren't killing me so it was fun. But anyhow, the second lap was the same pace I just ran out of gas. I cut the course here and there to stay with them but I still ended up being dropped!

I am a big boy it didn't hurt my feeling to bad! Actually it was kinda fun pushing myself that hard. I have been on a different training schedule, one that does not require me to kill myself on every ride. I am shooting for more of an endurance pace than I am a race pace.

Now back to the bike! If I could round up the coins I would have one tomorrow! This thing is the bomb, it rolls everything so fast and smooth, stuff I would normally stand up to get over I can remain seated on. The 2x10 gearing is perfect. It seems like you are always in the right gear, if your not all it takes is a quick hit of the shifter and you are good to go! Bottom line, the XTR shifters are sweet.

So that's about it for the Felt Edic pro test. Now it's back on the Specialized Epic.. At least I ain't slumming.. 

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