Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Are You Getting Ready Yet ????????????

Yep, Christmas is here and I know everybody has been getting ready. But that ain't what I am talking about! It's time to start building the doomsday shelter! My business should pickup this year. So if it's true I will at least have a pocket full of money.

What am I talking about you ask? The end of time! Yep we are finally on the last year of time according to the Mayan calender! 12-21-12 is the big day. Start getting ready!

Full disclaimer: The author of this post is full of s... , nothing in this blog is of real relevance to what happens in the rest of the world. The only world that matters is mine (the author) and the rest of the happenings are just that. For what it's worth. If you go sell all your worthless belongings and the world dose not end, tough shit!!!!

Now since I have the disclaimer out of the way back to my story. (Fiction that is!) If you believe the hype we are going to have a meteor, earthquake or my favorite.

like flat tire!!!!
The once in a billion years line up of the planets. Worst case scenario a big hole will blow through the middle of the planet and we lose gravity and all us float of into space! Like a flat tire!

Then we have the polar swap theory. The earth is going to flip and all the magnetic fields will be all screwed up! Then nothing will work; no power, water, gas. Planes won't be able to fly, the whole collapse of society! Can't wait for that to happen! 

Hope I haven't ruined your day..........LOL..................

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