Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Right Outta The Driveway.....................

Now, let's get to my neighbor! Saturday AM we awoke to the news, my neighbors had been robbed! Yea neighbor's 2 of them. Apparently the crooks started at one guys house and stole a few things out of his shed. Then they walked next door to my other neighbors and found his truck. He is avid hunter and had all his hunting stiff in his truck. You know how they could tell what had happened? They must have came at a very late AM time because you could see the foot prints in the frost!

We live in the country and have never really had any problems with stealing around there. Because of that we tend to be a little lazy in locking things up, untill now! Since Saturday I have been locking all the cars and everything up at night. We all have, feels kinda strange to be honest!

The kicker to all this is whoever stole it took the time to clean out all the stuff in his truck and then left the truck. Yep, the Highway Patrol found the truck less than 3 hours after it was reported missing! They left it in a gas station parking lot over in Albemarle. From our houses that is about 45 miles.

You know what, it wasn't even my truck and I feel violated!! As I said we are in the middle of the country and never have a problem like this. So when it hits that close to home it kinda makes you feel like it happened to you! What the hell.......................... 

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