Wednesday, November 23, 2011

His Name Is Fred.........................

World meet Fred! Fred meet world! Every year, much to the dismay of my family, I name our turkey! This year his name is Fred, he came from the Butterball Family! They seem to be nice parents, every year they raise their young to be about 13-14 pounds and then send them out to meet the world!

We found him hanging out in the big play pen (freezer) at the local Wal-Mart. He and all his brothers and sisters where just hanging out waiting to be adopted. I was looking for the big fat one with low self esteem but they all seemed to be about the same size! So I based it on the location in the playpen. He was hanging around in the bottom and looked like he really wanted to get out so I dug deep and brought him to the top!

Fred on a plate
His first stage in life will be the oven and then the plate. Once he makes the plate I will introduce him to all the family, they are all really excited to meet him! We got people coming from 4-5 hours away just to meet Fred so we will make sure he is dressed to impress!!! After everybody enjoys the afternoon hanging out with Fred we will pack him up and he will be ready for the final act in his career!!!

Fred on bread
That's right he will make a guest appearance as a turkey sandwich for lunch the following day! His final act will be Fred on bread! Then his career as the family turkey will come to an end!

Next year we will visit the Butterball playpen and see how they do with the next generation of little fat kids! Then we can do the process all over again, I love turkey day!!! I get to go ride in the AM and drink plenty of beer in the PM with a bunch of food and football thrown in.......PBR baby..............Happy Thanksgiving....  

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