Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On a roll..................

Until now! I was on a roll, I pulled the unheard of 4 straight days of riding, that never happens! With a wife and 2 kids it ain't very often I can get out of the house to ride that many times. But with the holiday and being of work I managed to make it happen! Then what happens, it starts to rain!

I had my rest day yesterday and was really planning to hit the road tonight. I thought the rain was going to be gone by now, it ain't! We are supposed to have a storm roll through here around 12 noon. That's what they are calling for anyway, so that means it will hit this evening. Besides that the soccer banquet was changed up for tonight instead of last night so BAM! I am screwed again!

I have a master plan I am working on! I don't want to spill the beans just yet, a lot depends on things I have no control over. Luck! I might be lucky I might not! But I have a plan! Hence the reason I am trying to step up the riding so early in the year.

If it I am "lucky" I will be traveling a thousand miles from here for a race most people would never even consider doing. That my friends is all I can share right now, except for these pictures! I would be seeing a lot of this if if I am "lucky".....................

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