Monday, November 28, 2011

2-Wheels And A Turkey.................

I love 4-day weekends! Especially when it's a holiday. Yes, Fred's dead! He was great turkey and he performed well, we were proud of him! He came out nice and juicy and was ready when everyone got there. We had the house full of people and the kids played hard. Little Wriston, my chicken farming nephew had a ball playing with Chase, and Cody. So I guess you could call it a success!!!

I rode everyday and ran myself in the ground! That was my plan so I guess I can call that a success! I rode Uhwarrie twice and Sherman branch twice. Thursday I rode with Glen and Alex first thing in the morning! When I say first thing I am talking we meet at 8am over there! If you know me, you know that just don't happen very often! But it being Thanksgiving day I had no choice if I wanted to ride.

man down!!!!!!
I was glad I went because Glen pulled a classic! He did the old "stop and can't clip out of his shoes" trick! What made it so funny was where he decided to do it at. Right on the side of a hill and fell down the low side! After we found out he was alright we laughed like hell! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, he ended up about ten feet down the hill side!

all the leaves are down now!!
So overall I had a good holiday, got to see some family I haven't seen in awhile and had good food. Even went to a movie with the wife. Oh yea, even got in a little shopping!! I hate shopping!!!!!!!

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