Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The weather spoiled us over the holidays that's for sure! We had one really cold morning the day of Thanksgiving but beyond that it has been great! We'll that all changed! The rain came and with it came a cold front. Now it's cold....

Time to bundle up and tough it out! After getting in 4 full days of riding I have taken 2 days off. So tonight I am going to get back out. All I have done for the last 3 weeks is ride the mountain bike so tonight I am going to get the road bike back in action! As I write this I have the lights charging and when the sun goes down I am gonna hit the road for a night road ride.

I already rounded up all my cold-cold riding gear so I it's time to get tough! Be a man! Blah!Blah!Blah!!!!! Stay tuned for a full report tomorrow!

On to other things, I forgot my camera today and I really had a few good shots for this post too..
First was big pill of riding clothes: I knew everybody would get a kick out of a pill of clothes! Second: it was a shot of my kids new LETTER... Letter you say, yes a letter! Cody got his letter for his letter jacket! To a kid this is a very big deal!

his school is light blue and white colors
Being my kid he took his girlfriend with him to the banquet. He was the only one there with his girlfriend! Hell I think he is the only one on the team who isn't scared of girls! I bet I know who will be wearing this jacket before it's over!!!!!!!!!!!

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