Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day to Day.....................

Well the kid is trying! Saturday he wasn't very motivated and started to cough a little, after being put under you have to watch out for pneumonia. Much to his disliking it was time to get "motivated" the wife had to put on her nurse hat and stop being mom for awhile. If he would have been in the hospital still they would have had him up and moving so that's what we did!

He wasn't to happy about it, I swear he has been fighting a touch of depression. When you are as active as he is and have something like this happen to you, it's pretty traumatic. He went from riding and racing his bike, playing soccer and going non-stop, to STOP. All in the span of 10 seconds! If you have kids you understand what I mean when I say "I wish it had been me instead of him". So anyhow Saturday just getting up and moving he was worn out.

living room/bedroom
He had a few of his girl friends drop by and say hi, that seemed to cheer him up a little bit. Now this part is gonna make you laugh! The biggest motivator to get up and get moving was when he found out the 2 grandma's were gonna take turns watching him this week! He didn't like that, he was looking forward to some peace and quite. Instead he has grandma watching over his shoulder!

Sunday he figured out how to get up off the floor with no help and he came outside and hung out and started getting back to the old Cody. Since he was outside and looking for something to do I put him to work! The front grill on my little blue S10 has been faded out every since I got the truck 2 years ago. I have been meaning to paint it, just never got around too it. So I gave him the job! I pulled the truck up in the garage gave him a roll of tape, got the stool for him and told him to get to it! He was tickled to have something to do and did a damn good job off it.

new black paint next is the bumper.
Halfway through the job he ran out of paint so we loaded up and went to Lowes for another can. That trip, the fresh air and having a project kicked his but. He slept good Sunday night and yesterday he even had a smile on his face. Things are looking up!!!!!!

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