Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mid Week.............

It seems like I always have a hard time coming up with something on a Wednesday. It's to early to start talking about what I might do on the weekend and I am usually tired of talking about the previous weekend. The kid is doing fine and I haven't been on my bike yet this week so it is pretty much business as usual. We did go buy gold plated groceries the other night , but I know you don't want to hear about Wal-mart.

So I thought I would share some random pics with ya. The first one is of my wife, in the ditch moving a turtle off the road. She was afraid it was going to get ran over, so we turned around so she could move it.

Next we have Lake Twitty, this lake is about a mile from my house and we never use it. It's the drinking water for Monroe, you can only fish there. No swimming or skiing allowed. But we do have a canoe and a kayak and a small fishing boat. So why the hell ain't I using this. Don't get me wrong, we have used it before but we just don't use it like we should. I guess we stay to busy doing other things.

I do want to get over there when the leaves start changing. I know I can get some good pictures. Most of the shore line has no houses to clutter it up. Rather large lake also.

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