Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trying To Get Back To Normal.........

OK, it's been a few days and we need to catch up! We had Cody's surgery Thursday am and he got to come home Friday. My house has 3 doors and all of them have steps to get in the house, that was the first hurdle! Next his bedroom is on the 2nd floor so now he is sleeping in the living room floor, I brought his mattress down stairs and hooked him up. The up side to this is now he has the biggest TV in the house now!! He would rather have his privacy back but for now he can deal with it.

So everything went pretty good he now has a new knee and a bottle full of pain pills. We follow up this coming Friday with the knee doctor and then we start physical therapy after. That's gonna be a real eye opener for the kid. When they say just relax that's when you better get ready for the pain! No I haven't told him about that, I will let him figure that out.

I got a few pictures from the surgery they take them with the camera they use for the doc to see what he is doing. They don't show me to much without someone there to tell me what I am looking at. But what the hell when have you seen the inside of a knee lately.

going in behind the knee cap..
where there should be an ACL

new ACL !!!!!
Pretty neat ain't it. My wife the nurse understands this but I don't. I just have to take her word for "it looks good" To me it just kinda gross's me out.............................

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