Friday, October 7, 2011


I have a plan! OK I need to fill ya in on this, wooden bicycles! I started this post and realized I had not posted about the wooden handmade bicycles on here. I did that review on our company blog and hadn't even mentioned it here. What was I thinking??? You have to check this out..

Handmade per order,or should should I say, per deposit. They don't even start production before they get your deposit! Then when your build comes up the rest is due before the build begins. Renovo is a company out of San Francisco CA, checkout their website:

How can I work in the building business and not have a wooden bicycle! I have 10 bikes and never even heard of these guys. Then my engineer at work came across them and brought it to my attention. I have to have one of these. Just look at the detail and the care they take to produce them. The kicker to it is they are not art only, they art you can ride! They are just as strong as carbon fiber! No kidding, checkout the stats on their website, these are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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