Thursday, October 6, 2011

Now We Can Talk...................

About the weekend! What a difference a day makes, now I can talk about my plans! Wednesday is to early to talk about it but Thursday I start to get fired up about the weekend. I am like a little kid, every Thursday I get excited about the 2 days of unlimited possibilities! I only work to make enough money to pay and play.

You got to pay the people, and playing takes money. Those are the only reasons I can think of that justify going to work 5 days a week, it ain't cause I want too.

 This weekend I am going to do a long road ride and plan to take the wife over to the lake and play on the canoe. Should be fun, hopefully the wind will be down so she will enjoy it more. A canoe is not fun if the wind is bad.

I love the fall and look forward to the change in the weather every year, my one complaint. The earlier sunsets! Yesterday I got home and hit the road as quick as possible, the sun gets to an angle that I just don't feel comfortable being on the road. The only time of year it's a concern is fall. To many people are on the way home from work and having the sun in their eyes and not me is not my favorite thing.

As you can see I got home at 6:45 and look at the sun on the tree line. At 7:30 it's dark these days so no need to push my luck. I got stuck out late last week and got home after dark, so I am trying to avoid that happening again. When time changes it will be time to just wait and do the night road riding! Looking forward to it actually....................

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