Monday, October 10, 2011

No Pain No Gain..............

I hate that saying, I am sitting here with my legs still hurting from the effort they put forth on Saturday. How I am going to gain from this pain still eludes me. Right now it is keeping me from going very hard at all.

Saturday we went down to Pageland SC and hit the hills. Yes they have hills in SC, long hills. Every time I tell people I am heading south to ride hills they look at me funny. We did 50 miles with about 8000ft of climbing! That will make any body's legs hurt. I only got a few pictures, Alex and I climb just a little faster than Glen so we would wait at the top for him. Then as soon as he would get to the top we would say "lets go". He caught on to that about the 3rd time! We got a laugh out of it.

Next, I woke up Saturday am and found my mail spread down the middle of the road! "Mailbox down" again! I go through this about twice a year. The road comes over a hill and goes to the left right at my driveway. So about every 6 months I am putting my mailbox back together. Of course everybody says I need to get a brick mailbox. Why? I ask! If I do that then I am going to have twice as much to clean up! I have this down to a science. One trip to Lowes and $40.00 later I have the works. Of course I use the same hole.

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