Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Better.....................

The legs are getting better! I know where I stand just by how long recovery is after a hard ride. Right now I am at the 2 day stage in my training process. Training, for what you ask? That's a good question, I just want to get in race shape so if something comes along I want to do; I will be able to do! Does that make sense? In my little mind it makes perfect sense. Plus my bud Kelly is working a real job again and getting slack on his seat time. Next time we ride I want to make him hurt! That's what good friends are for!!!

We have the winter short track series coming up, I doubt I ride it though. Not a big fan of short track racing and we have fall cyclocross which I sure as hell ain't doing. So my main goal is getting ready for the Southern Classic series next year. I like cross country racing over a short track race with a bunch of candy ass road racers who are scared of real Mtn Bike racing!

Any moron can ride around in a field and jump over barriers! I say that but if you want to see some funny crashes, go on YouTube and search out muddy cyclcross racing. It will make you laugh! No offence to all my candy ass road riding buddies.........LOL........

By the way we are getting rain again, it's been about 2 weeks, so I guess we need it. Although it ain't working with my recovery time line. I need to ride tonight so I have my fingers crossed. Hope it clears out soon.

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