Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hump Day..................

Hump day blues! So far the weather this week has been a total mess, hence I haven't done anything but drink beer. I've had so much beer I don't want anymore beer. That will make my wife happy! Sometimes I get the feeling she don't like me drinking beer all the time! Not really sure why? LOL..

Oh well, it finally stopped raining so maybe I can get out this afternoon. Although we have company coming this weekend, I ought to help clean the house. I can do that right after I get home from riding. That might workout! If not the beer store isn't very far from the house. If I am going to be in trouble for not cleaning I might as well be in trouble for drinking too..

OK yesterday I made the comment about getting ready for a race, if I decide I want to race. Well I found something I like the looks of. Trans-Iowa

Look that up on the world wide web. You race a 335 mile loop around Iowa all on gravel roads no less! But the real kicker to it is you have to do it totally self supported and you only have 36 hours to do it in! At the start they give you a cue sheet with directions to the next check point. When you get there, within a time limit you get the directions for the next leg. If you don't make the cutoff your race is over right there. Then you have to find your own way back to the start!

You basically have to maintain a 10mph average, with about a 3 hour window for rest over the 36 hour time limit. What do you get when you finish? NOTHING! Sound like fun.   

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