Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mighty Model A................

About 6-8 months ago I stumbled across the blog: . I have made mention of it a few times. Well guess what 365 days are over! That sucks, I have enjoyed it and will miss it.

The guy drove an 81 year old Model A for a year as his daily driver, rain snow sleet and heat. He went through it all! It has really been a good read and he kept on top of the blog every day. Nothing gets on my nerves worse than somebody who starts a blog and then just stops with no explanation.

Amazingly he only broke down and had to call a wrecker on 2 occations. You would think a car 81 years old would have been all kinda problems! That was not the case, I guess I under estimate older cars. To be honest I am kinda jealous that I ain't doing something like that. Yes I drive my little S10 and it is "older" but it is still a newer vehicle. So that doesn't count.

The kicker is he lives in Northern Michigan and has driven it all winter and summer for a solid year. So when I say snow I mean snow. He even drove it from MI to Hershey Pennsylvania for the big swap meet they have every fall. He even stayed on all back roads for the entire trip! What we can drive in 4 hours usually takes him about 7 hours.

Anyhow, I am going to miss the read. Again, I am glad he kept the blog up to date and so detailed. If you ever want to check it out just hit the link above. I liked it....................... 

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