Thursday, September 22, 2011

S-10 To Ride Again....................

OK, I might have procrastinated just a little on this one, but what the hell I got there! The S-10 my friend, yes I finally took the time to tear into it last night. I always wanted to be a mechanic, I just don't like to get grease under my finger nails.

To the story. My little truck started running hot and then leaking antifreeze a while back, (3 months ago) so I parked it. Finally, I have taken the time to tear it apart!

getting started

surveying what needs to be done

almost out

what I had to remove to get there

final prize
As you can see from the photos, you have to remove a lot of crap just to get to the radiator. But once I got  there it takes about two minutes to remove the radiator. So this morning I call Autozone and they have the radiator for $113.99, not bad I think. Then I think well if a new one is that cheap, repair ought to be cheaper! Wrong!!!! I call a radiator repair shop and they want $120.00 to fix my broken radiator! Are you kidding me, why would you pay more to fix a broken one when you can get a new one for less.. I ain't no brain surgeon but damn I ain't stupid either....................New it is.....................

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