Friday, September 23, 2011

I Don't Know About This.................

Just to bring the one sometimes two readers of this blog who live on the west coast, up to speed it is raining here. Not a little, a lot! Very heavy too.. From my seat looking out the window it is almost raining sideways. Not a good start for a weekend of mountain biking in the mountains. Dem' hills are steeeeep and can be really hard to climb or come down if they are all wet..

I have the truck all loaded and I am ready, BUT... I get to ride way to much to put myself through the mess that it's gonna be up in dem' hills!! Besides, I can drink beer in my own house and have another fridge in the garage(with beer)... I get the feeling some guys have to get away to enjoy a few tasty cold ones!! Never understood that one, why would a woman marry a man who drinks and then get mad when he drinks. That's another blog altogether.

So I ain't made my mind up yet, I want to go, and like going to Pisgah, BUT... I do have a back up plan! Why waste a weekend you already have planned! I am staying like two miles from the Blue Ridge parkway so why not take the road bike. Ride the parkway and stay nice and clean!! See some beautiful scenery and do something different. Stay tuned and have a good weekend.. I should have some great pics come Monday. 
until then refer to above sign...

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