Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Internet Warning.................

                                                           The Internet Can Cause
Side Effects May Include...nausea, vomiting, headaches, heartburn, hair loss, diarrhea, dry mouth, water retention, painful rectal itch, hallucination, dementia, psychosis, coma, death, halitosis, lung cancer, mental retardation, brain tumors, paralyzation, sleep loss, internal bleeding, internal combustion, a sudden craving to sniff your carpet, an addiction to cocaine, heroin, PCP, speed and Windex, bone weakening, claustrophobia, acne, watching Chachi In Charge (and enjoying it), regular PMS, making Jesus cry, the inability to use proper english in an online environment, homosexuality, AIDS, an urge to stab your spouse, inability to breathe oxygen, urge to watch the Chinese version of Friends, migraines, diabetes, deafness, and of course, the inability to speak properly, and erections lasting longer than four hours see a doctor .
LOL....I found this on the web and thought I would share it with you. If the Internet can cause all that then my kids are forbidden to use the computer anymore. But then again about every other commercial on TV now is for some type of drug. If you listen to the side effects on all of them four ads later they will have covered all of the above.......................

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