Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sherman Greenway................

So last night I get home load up and hit the road. Off to the Sherman Greenway!!! At least that's the name I have decided to give the place. It is a nice fast trail, just not to technical. You can ride there and get in some miles and it works great for Chase to ride but no challenge. Yes, that's where I took Chase Saturday.

So anyhow I went there with the intent of checking the condition of my back. I went as hard as I could for the whole lap. Overall I was happy with the results, this morning I have a little lower back pain  but overall I think it is doing a lot better. Time for the ride was :53min.

That is about where I am when I am racing and training all the time. That was only 1 lap and I know I would have been a lot slower if I had ridden a second lap. But that was not the plan. Tomorrow night I plan on doing 2 laps and if I keep the laps at :56 each it will be a success. Three minutes a lap slower is a BIG difference. Might not sound like much but it is.

Also next weekend I am heading back up to Asheville to spend the weekend riding in the mountains. Cody can't go obviously, and that sucks but I am meeting a group of friends up there so it will be fun. I am going to do my first solo night ride in the mountains. I could lie and tell you its no big deal but that would be a total lie. When I say in  the mountains that's no shit!!!! It's kinda spooky when you get back in the woods during the day by yourself, sometimes you are like 10 miles from the nearest road. Now think about that at night!!!

I could lie and say no big deal but we'll see.. I bet I will be going a lot faster....

OK, for today's pictures I put these trucks on here. I have seen both of these at different mtn bike parks here lately. Mountain bikers have some cool rides.................. 

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